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Welcome to the homepage of Frederiksberg Bueskydning.

Archery is for everyone. In Frederiksberg Bueskydning we aim at creating happy and competent archers. We offer archery training as a development tool for your inner strengths and training of your mental balance. We accept archers from the age of 12 years with no upper age limit and independent of physical strength.

In Frederiksberg Bueskydning the primary spoken language is Danish, however, we translate into English when required. All written information is provided in Danish and English.


All training sessions are mixed regarding gender and level of archery expertise in order to strengthen internal relations, mutual learning and club spirit.

We offer training with longbows and recurve bows with and without extra equipment, i.e. barebows and Olympic bows. The targets used are 2D and occasionally 3D.

Our training facilities are in Kedelhallen and on our small adjacent outdoor shooting range. Kedelhallen offers light meals, snacks and beverages.

We have training sessions for children/youth (12 – 17 years) on Wednesdays from 3.30 – 6 p.m.

We have training sessions for adults (18+ years) on Fridays from 3.30 – 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. Members having their own bow equipment can self-train outside these timeslots.


We only accept new members after a test shooting session, which is free of charge. You can inquire about a test shooting session via e-mail (please see below). Test shooting for children/youth takes place on Wednesdays and for adults on Saturdays.

Prices for memberships are 190,- Danish kroner per month for children/youth and 280,- Danish kroner per month for adults.

Address and contact information

Frederiksberg Bueskydning


Nyelandsvej 75A

2000 Frederiksberg

E-mail: [email protected]